How Do I Report a Suspected Violation?

*Please note: Suspected honor code violations must be reported by two months after the end of the term in which the potential violation occurred.  (Policy effective Winter 2014)

  1. Write a memo including what violation you suspect, why you suspect it, and what students are involved.
  2. Send a copy of this memo, along with copies of all evidence to the Office of Student Support and Accountability, 273 Chrysler Center , 734-764-4139,
  3. An investigator from the Honor Council will contact you soon after the case is submitted. Since Honor Council procedures are kept confidential, accusers are encouraged to refrain from discussing the case with anyone not directly involved. Students should receive an incomplete (I) in a class where an Honor Council procedure has not been completed.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Honor Council Administrator at